Oilfield Supply and Rental Services

Oilfield Supply and Rental Services

PetroFine offers a large diversity of downhole drilling products and services to the Yemen Oil & Gas market, to bring value to our customer’s drilling program.

PetroFine is committed to meeting your deadlines and deliver on time your drilling equipment and drill pipe rental service. Our tools are designed for both offshore and onshore oil & gas drilling and water operations.

Downhole Drilling Rental Tools

PetroFine offers all the tools you may need to complete your Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) such as hydraulic and mechanical drilling jars, shock tools, string and near bit roller reamers, hole openers, stabilizers as well as a large variety of drilling subs. Additionally, we offer same-day processing, of your order.

Drilling BitsBit BreakerGauge BitMill Tooth BitPDC BitRock Bit
Hole openersSecurity Standard Hole OpenerSecurity Custom Hole Opener
Shock tools
Roller reamers
StabilizersNear Bit, IB StabilizerNon-Magnetic, Near Bit, IB StabilizerNon-Magnetic, String, IB StabilizerTurbo Back StabilizerTurbo Back Stabilizer


PetroFine oilfield fishing and re-entry tools are specifically designed for the retrieval of lost or damaged tooling from the wellbore. To accommodate a wide range of situation, we are proud to be carrying a large range of tools to ensure you can resume operations as quickly as possible.


We offer among others casing scrapers, junk baskets, overshot, fishing spears, fishing jars, fishing magnets. We select and configure each downhole fishing tool precisely for each specific job.


  • Junk Retrievers                                        Debris Catcher
  • Clamps                                                    Casing Cutters
  • Washpipe Extension                                Lip & Mill Guides
  • Fishing Bumpers and Intensifiers            Fishing Magnets
  • Mills                                                         Overshot
  • Wireline retrieval Tool                              Wash pipe


Junk RetrieversDebris Catcher
ClampsCasing Cutters
Washpipe ExtensionLip & Mill Guides
Fishing Bumpers and IntensifiersFishing Magnets
Wireline retrieval ToolWash pipe

Pressure Control Equipment

PetroFine offers a large selection of pressure control technologies, including:

General Purpose Equipment

PetroFine has the capability to supply the oil fields with different types of the flowing

Pressure Testing (equipment and services fitting) 

Tubbing and casing supply

Pressure Test Pumps. 

high- and low-pressure valves and hoses,

pressure gauges and fitting and

Torqueing of Studs on Flanges

Oilfield Hand Tools

Oilfield Material Supply

PetroFine can provide a wide range of oilfield lubricants (Grease, Oil) for a variety of


PetroFine carry the following lubricant in standard but can provide others on short notice:

For your everyday needs as well as specialised jobs,

PetroFine has the Hand Tool and Power Tools for your job at the right budget.

We offer the full range from leading brands BETA, Knipex, Ridgid, Stanley, Irwin, Eclipse, Gedore, Kennedy and many more… contact us and we will deliver.

Oilfield Safety Equipment

Oil and gas work is notoriously dangerous in fact, it’s the leading cause of workplace fatality in the Yemen.

By preventing workers from coming into contact with these extremely dangerous

exposures, PetroFine oil and gas solutions are designed to keep your workforce

safe in critical environments

Gas Detection

Gas Monitors & Detectors
Fixed Gas Detectors
Gas Monitor Accessories
Calibration Gas
Docking Stations
Gas Monitor Parts
Replacement Gas Sensor
Gas Detection Tubes
Service and Repair

Confined Space

Confined Space Kits
Confined Space Radios
Confined Space Signs
Pumps and Accessories
Retrieval Devices

Fall Protection

Carabineers and Anchorage
Rope Grabs and Lifelines
Tool Fall Protection
Tower Climbing
Ladder & Vertical Safety Systems

Respirators & Filters

Airline Respirators
Dust Masks
Filters and Cartridges
Fit Testing
Respirator Accessories
Respirator Kits
Respiratory Helmets
Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA)
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)s

Personal Protection Equipments-PPE

Hand Gloves
Safety Glases
Ear Plugs