About Us

Yemen has a long history in innovations and science which contributed to forge modern developments and civilizations.

Yemen is known by many of for its worldwide renowned geniuses like the geographer, chemist, poet, grammarian, historian,

and astronomer Abu Muhammad al-Ḥasan ibn Aḥmad ibn Yaqub al-Hamdani (279/280-333/334 A.H / 893-945 A.D)

or the famous astronomer al-Malik al-Ashraf (Mumahhid al-Din) Umar ibn Yusuf ibn Umar ibn Ali ibn Rasul (1242-1296 ).

And many Yemeni architects gain international recognition during the Sabaean civilization era.

About Us

About Us

The Oil & Gas represents 55% of the worldwide energy consumption. For net exporting countries such as Yemen, the oil and gas industry offers an opportunity to positively contribute to the country’s economic growth.
Yemen is not only one of the largest gas producers of the Middle East, but by its Geographical position and its operation of the Dahba and Belhaf Pipeline, import transit points for oil and LNG shipments is a key regional player.
It is PetroFine’s ambition to become the first indigenous independent Oilfield Service Company, offering the full spectrum of oilfield services, founded to provide world class solutions to Oil and Gas companies operating in Yemen.
Founded by Yemeni nationals, we are the partner of choice for oil and gas operators in Yemen. Our employees have all been trained according to international standards and are dedicated to contributing to the success of our customers and hereby contribute to the development of Yemen.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To provide access to energy for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

Offer differentiated and fit for purpose technology, delivered by national talents to the highest industry standards.

Compass fromAl-Malik Al-Ashraf dated 1293

Our Values


We are committed to People health and safety, personnel and professional development, promoting diverse and inclusive teams.


We are committed to work with our customers as a partner, delivering fit for purpose technology and value-based solution.


We are committed to generate superior profits to achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the development of communities and protect the environment.

Health, Safety, Environment and Service Quality

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Service Quality commitments are championed by our management team and supported by the active engagement of all our employees. In PetroFine we strongly believe that all losses impacting people, property and process management are the consequence of failures that can be prevented.


PetroFine prides itself on having a proactive, rigorous and responsible Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program. We are firmly committed to ensuring a safe, productive and incident free working environment for our employees. We believe in investing in our personnel through extensive training and education programs, supported by strict adherence to the use of protective safety equipment and well established HSE practices. To ensure continuous improvement, Safety and environmental audits are regularly performed companywide to track performance and develop improvement plans.

Service Quality Plan

Our service quality plan follows a standard improvement process.

Quality Plan 

Our quality plan enlists the quality standards, quality policies, requirements and best practices that pertain to our products or services. Implementation of this document ensures that PetroFine meets its quality objectives as well as customer’s expectations and requirements.

Key Indicators: 

PetroFine measures each reported incident with a scale ranging from Near Miss to Catastrophic based on severity and frequency. 

Improvement plan:

Results of investigation following a non-compliance is feedback at the appropriate level of the process in a virtuous improvement cycle.