Health, Safety and Environment Training

Safety – doing the right thing

We can ensure that we provide you with the world-class expertise you expect to allow you to make meaningful changes to your business and keep your workforce safe.
Safety training covers the guidelines that should be followed when choosing the right tool for the right job and the problems that can result from not following that.

The many accidents that occur in the field could be potentially avoided if every new worker received the appropriate training.

You can be assured of individual attention backed up with professional qualifications to support your occupational health and safety needs.
We aim to work with clients to implement practical health and safety solutions to reduce the risk.

Company’s Occupational Health and safety program based on the international standard for health and safety a management system which enables organizations to manage operational health and safety risks and improve the performance.
Training classes are under the supervision of most competent and accredited instructors and consultants, who are leading professionals in the fields of emergency medicine, public safety and security and have actual first-hand experience in the procedures they teach or consult and they can assist your business in establishing or enhancing your existing safety and health needs and requirements.

We offer in our Training Classes the following courses:

Health courses
• Malaria
• Infection Prevention & Control
• Mental Health Awareness Training
• Bird flu – NHS
• Return to Work COVID-19 Guide
• Cyclone/Hurricane/Weather extremes
• Eye Protection
• Drugs & Alcohol
• First Aid
• Covid-19
• Snake & Scorpion Bites

Safety courses
• Defensive Driving
• Fire Safety
• Hand Injury Prevention
• Hazardous Materials Introduction
• Noise/ Nuisance
• Dust Explosion: Fundamental, Prevention & Control
• Fire Fighting
• SIPP( Injury Prevention Program)
• Working at Heights
• Handling, Lifting and Stepping
• Workshop Safety
• Substance Abuse
• Observation Intervention
• Crane Operator
• Forklift Safety Checks
• Dropped Objects
• Objectives Awareness”
• Mechanical Lifting
• Permit To Work
• Pressure
• H2S Awareness
• Confined Space Entry
• Lockout/Tagout

Environment courses
• Environment Awareness
• Spill Response Training
• Waste Treatment & Control
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Air Pollution
• Hazardous Waste First Responder – Awareness
• Emission Control