Drilling and Workover Rigs

Drilling Rigs

Drilling Rig Technical Specifications Common to Rig Saba-1 and Saba-2

Mast Specifications:

Mast clear height: 157 ft.

Hook load: 1,000,000 lbs. with 12 lines

Raising system for mast and substructure:

Hydraulic cylinders with wireless remote controls

Substructure Specifications:

Substructure Height: 35 ft.

Casing capacity: 1,000,000 lbs.

Setback capacity: 800,000 lbs.

Combined Capacity: 1,800,000 lbs.

Clearance from bottom of rotary beam: 30 ft.

BOP handling system capacity: up to 150 T.

Large drill floor: Approx. 39 x 46 ft.



Racking Board Capacity*:

240 stands of 5½ in. drill pipes

2 stands of 9½ in. drill collars

8 stands of 8¼ in. drill collars

6 stands of 7 in. drill collars

6 stands of 4¾ in. drill collars


Workover Rigs

WorkOver Rig Technical Specifications Common to Fine-1 and Fine-2

Nominal drilling depth:

4 1/2”DP   3000m

Nominal workover depth:

2 7/8”DP    8000m

Max hook load:


Total power:


Mast height:


Travelling system:


Raising wireline diameter:

Ø32mm(1 1/4″)

Hook hoisting speed:

0.2~1.2m/s (5×6)

The opening diameter of the rotary table:  520mm (20 1/2″)


Swivel stem bore diameter :


Substructure height: